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Overview of Poster Sessions
The Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences 2002;14:99-101. doi:10.1176/appi.neuropsych.14.1.99
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American Neuropsychiatric Association

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General Clinical Neuropsychiatry

P1. Akinetic mutism following anterior cerebral artery occlusion. CA Anderson, DB Arciniegas, DC Huddle, M Leehey

P2. Is self-injurious behavior in patients with severe developmental disabilities an addiction? LJ Barnhill

P3. Vagal nerve stimulation for medically refractory epilepsy in persons with severe developmental disorders. LJ Barnhill, S Lannon, B Vaughn

P4. Levodopa treatment for tics: preliminary report. KI Black, JM Hartlein, BL Schlaggar, JW Mink

P5. Aggressive behavior after a recent stroke: initial findings and six-month follow-up. K-L Chan, D Moser, S Arndt, RG Robinson

P6. Evolution of primary progressive aphasia due to Alzheimer's disease. DG Clark, MF Mendez

P7. Acute frontotemporal personality from hypoxic encephalopathy. NA Fahimian, M Swanberg, MF Mendez

P8. Critical periods of suicide risk in Huntington's disease. KC Ferneyhough, LM Stierman, BM Turner, JS Paulsen, and Huntington Study Group

P9. Geriatric treatment center: a contemporary model for collaboration between psychiatry and neurology. CM Filley, DB Arciniegas, GV Wood, CA Anderson, E Cheney, CR Dygert, L Summerall, RB Goos

P10. Are nonverbal learning disabilities specific types of learning disabilities? Y Frank, T Pawlcyk, J Seiden

P11. Specificity of neurological and neurocognitive function in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. SFS Gau, JR Merikangas, KR Merikangas

P12. EEG findings in women with premenstrual syndrome. F Hagaman, MJ Fitzgerald, J McWilliams, M Read, A Kablinger

P13. Amantadine for psychostimulant-resistant attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder in boys. JP Horrigan, LJ Barnhill

P14. Charles Bonnet syndrome with visual hallucinations of infantile memory: a case report. K Maeda, R Ishikura, T Nagami, S Nukina, S Yoshioka, R Kawahara

P15. Social cognition deficits in patients with frontal lobe damage. L Mah, MC Arnold, J Grafman

P16. Phenomenological and psychopharmacological characteristics of obsessive-compulsive disorder patients with musical obsessions. T Matsui, H Matsunaga, K Ohya, Y Iwasaki, K Koshimune, A Miyata, N Kiriike

P17. Foreign accent syndrome following a stroke in the corpus callosum. DA Mueller, CA Anderson, RL Hughes, J Newcombe

P18. Meta-analyses of poststroke depression and lesion location: a reappraisal. K Narushima, T Kosier, RG Robinson

P19. Rates of depressive symptoms in presymptomatic Huntington's disease. C Nehl, M Benjamin, JS Paulsen, and Huntington Study Group

P20. Catatonia following acute dopamine depletion. R Nehru, N Ahuja

P21. Hypersexuality following right pallidotomy for Parkinson's disease. SM O'Connor, GT Lim, MF Mendez

P22. The Charcot-Willibrand syndrome from anoxic encephalopathy. A Pakkar, GT Lim, MF Mendez

P23. Neurobehavioral disorders in pediatric epilepsy. GJ Rey, L Shapiro, TJ Resnick, M Duchowny, P Jayakar

P24. Depressive symptoms in Parkinson's disease are underrecognized. IH Richard, AW Justus, E Caine, R Kurlan

P25. Are delirium and dementia different? PT Trzepacz, D Mittal, R Torres, K Kanary, J Norton, N Jimerson

P26. An investigation of the psychological functioning and suicide risk among relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis patients. Y Vardi, Z Zlotogorski, Y Finkelstein

P27. Episodic supernumerary phantom limb due to epileptic disruption of the neural representation of the body image. A Weisbord, JL Saver, MC Leary

P28. Sexual fantasy in Parkinson's disease. M Yu, D Roane, J Rogers, M Fleming, P Homel



P29. Does cognitive recovery after treatment of poststroke depression last? A two-year follow-up of cognitive function associated with poststroke depression. K-L Chan, RG Robinson, JT Kosier

P30. Open-label trial of guanfacine for symptomatic treatment of frontotemporal dementia. TW Chow

P31. A review of the memory stimulation programs in Alzheimer's disease. É Grandmaison, M Simard

P32. Early results of the REVEAL study: risk evaluation and education for Alzheimer's disease. RC Green, N Relkin, P Whitehouse, T Brown, S LaRusse, M Barber, L Farrer, L Cupples, S Post, L Ravdin, D Cisewski, H Katzen, S Sami, A Sadovnick, J Davis, K Quaid, J Woodard

P33. Differential performance on the Benton Judgment of Line Orientation Test in dementia with Lewy bodies and Alzheimer's disease. M Simard, R van Reekum, D Myran, M Panisset, SE Black, M Freedman



P34. Coping strategies moderate the relationship between cognitive dysfunction and depression in multiple sclerosis patients. PA Arnett, JJ Randolph, PJ Freske

P35. Relationship between depression and attentional/memory processes in multiple sclerosis. ST Gontkovsky, R Aupperle, F Shelton, WW Beatty

P36. Attentional impairment in recurrent major depression. Å Hammar, A Lund, K Hugdahl

P37. Cognitive impairments associated with hypothermic-induced platelet aggregation (HIPA) following coronary artery bypass graft surgery. RO Hopkins, MM Hall, KA Sole

P38. Thalamic acalculia. GT Lim, NC Papasian, M Swanberg, MF Mendez

P39. Exaggeration of distress and dissimulated memory failure. RI Naugle, TT Lineweaver, E Walton

P40. Mediation of verbal memory deficit by organizational strategy in Parkinson's disease. RM Roth, LA Flashman, AJ Saykin, HA Wishart, HJ Riordan, DW Roberts

P41. Persistent focal retrograde amnesia: functional or organic? RE Saul

P42. Cognitive functioning in patients with type 2 diabetes examined by using the Cognistat (NCSE). RL Yuspeh, DL Drane



P43. Compliance in patients with schizophrenia and comorbid medical illness. CE Munoz-Carbone, WT Jackson, RM Savage, JM Feldman, WG Ryan, LJ Findlay, AJ Viegas, R Sokol May

P44. Neurological soft signs as predictors of specific cognitive functions in first-episode schizophrenia. D Schuepbach, MS Keshavan, RD Sanders


Basic Neuroscience

P45. Critical Endeavors: a neuroanatomy board game. RA Hurley, KH Taber

P46. The limbic system in the light of modern neurobiology: basic and clinical implications. VE Koliatsos, J Yan, M Gastard, S Weaver, S Bora


Traumatic Brain Injury

P47. Low-dose donepezil normalizes P50 physiology in traumatic brain injury patients. DB Arciniegas, JL Topkoff, CA Anderson, CM Filley, LE Adler

P48. Evaluation of cognitive impairment and functional outcome of brain-injured patients using the Repeatable Battery for the Assessment of Neuropsychological Status. GM Cuesta, A Blau, K Ortega-Verdejo, B Jordan

P49. Use of the Cognitive Test for Delirium in TBI patients. RE Kennedy, RN Thompson, TG Nick, M Sherer

P50. Role of COMT Val 108/158 Met genotype in executive functioning following TBI. RH Lipsky, MB Sparling, LM Ryan, K Xu, AM Salazar, D Goldman, DL Warden

P51. Working memory activation patterns one month and one year after mild traumatic brain injury: a longitudinal fMRI study. TW McAllister, MB Sparling, LA Flashman, B McDonald, H Wishart, AJ Saykin

P52. An examination of the high dropout rate in studies of patients with mild traumatic brain injury. S McCullagh, K Kamkar, A Jardine, A Protzner, N Blair, A Feinstein

P53. Natural history of cognitive, affective, and physical symptoms of postconcussion syndrome following mild traumatic brain injury. T McHugh, R Laforce, P Gallagher, S Quinn, P Diggle

P54. The clinical significance of major depression following mild traumatic brain injury. MJ Rapoport, S McCullagh, A Feinstein

P55. Cognitive and personality tests as predictors of employability after brain injury. D Salisbury, JL Williams, J Allen, W Arnold

P56. Positive influence of acute alcohol use on outcome following traumatic brain injury. MB Sparling, LM Ryan, J Walter, DL Warden

P57. Clinical correlates of aggressive behavior after traumatic brain injury. A Tateno, R Jorge, RG Robinson

P58. Comparison of cognitive impairment associated with major depression following stroke versus following traumatic brain injury. A Tateno, Y Murata, RG Robinson



P59. Mapping and quantification of dopamine D2 receptor activation. KJ Black, T Hershey, JM Koller, JL Carl, JS Perlmutter

P60. Evaluating the contributions of amygdala and other brain volumes to individual differences in personality/temperament traits. PT Costa Jr, G Pearlson

P61. How does high-resolution brain SPECT help in ADHD? R Kohn, DG Pavel, G Davis, P Epstein, R Grant, P Kim, I Craita, Z Taha

P62. Age-associated changes in substantia nigra microstructural integrity: a diffusion tensor imaging study. DA Medina, MC Carrillo, ME Moseley, GT Stebbins

P63. While achieving normal learning, patients with mild Parkinson's disease exhibit widespread dysfunction within the normal sequence-learning brain network. MJ Mentis, D Zgaljardic, D Delalot, V Dhawan, C Ghez, D Eidelberg

P64. Good-quality brain SPECTS: necessary and sufficient prerequisites. DG Pavel, R Kohn, G Davis, P Epstein, B Chuang, T Liu, Z Taha, I Craita

P65. Morphology of the ventral frontal cortex in adult males with nonsyndromic clefts of the lip and/or palate: relationship to social function. PC Nopoulos, S Berg, J Canady, D Van der Mark, L Richman, N Andreasen

P66. Endocrine and neural correlates of induced sadness and elation. W Ottowitz, D Dougherty, R Connors, W Brown

P67. Association of caudate and putamen volumes with Five-Factor Model dimensions of personality (NEO FFI scores). G Pearlson, PT Costa Jr




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