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Overview of Poster Sessions
The Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences 2003;15:250-253. doi:10.1176/appi.neuropsych.15.2.250
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Basic Neuroscience

P1. Chronic fatigue syndrome: quantitative single-voxel 1H MR spectroscopy of the basal ganglia. G Andrews, K Sleigh, B Forster, G Stiver, A Chow, B Maedler, A MacKay, S Isserow

P2. Creation of teaching materials to promote transfer of neuroanatomical knowledge from classroom to bedside. RA Hurley, LA Hayman, KH Taber

P3. The neural connectivity of the retrosplenial cingulate cortex. J Parvizi, G Van Hoesen, JV Buckwalter, E Vianna

P4. Ethanol-induced reduction of CREB activity and BDNF production in human neuroblastoma SH-SY5Y cells. T Saito, R Sakai, H Sohma, H Ikeda, M Yamamoto, Y Kuroki


General Clinical Neuropsychiatry

P7. Detecting adverse drug events in neuropsychiatric care. JJ Campbell, CE Coffey, M Boyle, C Ludwicki, R Gafka

P8. A controlled study of the association of older age with depression and anxiety in HIV-1 infection. K Goodkin, I Khamis, D Lee, R Lecusay, P Suarez, FL Wilkie, M Concha, S Symes

P9. Effects of nicotine on eye movement during visual attentional performance. H Ikeda, Y Hatakeyama, H Tominaga, H Miura, R Sasaki, T Saito

P10. Impairment in social cognition following lesions of ventromedial and dorsolateral prefrontal cortex. LWY Mah, MC Arnold, J Grafman

P11. Anxiety, sensitivity, cognition, and coping strategies in panic disorder patients with and without agoraphobia. N Minamikawa, T Iketani, K Nagao, A Shidao, H Fukuhara, M Katagami, N Kiriike

P12. Motor and cognitive symptoms are associated with depression in preclinical Huntington's disease. C Nehl, K Ferneybough, B McDowell, J Paulsen*

P14. Cognitive and somatic symptoms of depression in at-risk individuals and symptomatic Huntington's disease patients. K Ferneybough, C Nehl, B McDowell, JS Paulsen*

P15. The effect of early versus late antidepressant treatment on physical impairment associated with poststroke depression: a time-related therapeutic window. K Narushima, RG Robinson

P16. Slow-frequency rTMS reduces fibromyalgia pain. SM Sampson, JD Rome, TA Rummans

P17. Improvement of cognitive function associated with olanzapine in the treatment of acute mania. L Shi, LM Schuh, LX Huang, MG Wilson, MA Namioshil, RW Baker, PT Trzepacz, M Tolien

P18. Spanish-English issues in the psychiatric assessment of Axis I disorders in HIV-1 seropositive individuals. P Suarez, K Goodkin, A Ardila, FL Wilkie, M Concha, D Lee, R Lecusay, S O'Mellan

P19. Psychiatric manifestations of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease: a 25-year analysis. CA Wall, TA Rummans, AJ Aksamit, VS Pankratz

P20. Divalproex decreases impulsivity in compulsive gamblers. JA Wilcox

P21. Aggression induced by interferon alfa-2b during long-term therapy for chronic hepatitis. NW Withers

P22. Right lenticular lacunar infarction and delusion: a case report. K Yoshiyama, T Nishikawa, Y Ikejiri, H Kazui, H Tokunaga, S Tamenaga, M Takeda



P23. A group-averaged structural MRI study of Tourette syndrome. CF Black, JM Hartlein, T Hershey, JS Perlmutter, KJ Black*

P24. Abnormal dopamine-mediated brain function in Tourette syndrome revealed by cognitive-pharmacologic fMRI. T Hershey, KJ Black*, JM Hartlein, DM Barch, TS Braver, JL Carl, JS Perlmutter

P25. The relationship between multiple sclerosis and major depression clarified: an MRI brain segmentation study. L Chamellan, A Feinstein*, P Roy, N Lobaugh, K Feinstein, P O'Connor, S Black

P26. Reduced superior temporal gyrus volumes in bipolar disorder. GE Getz, DE Fleck, ME Zimmerman, M Schwiers, MP DelBello, SM Strakowski

P27. Right frontal white and gray matter volumes correlate with depressive symptoms in MS. BA Greenlee, HA Wishart, BC McDonald, JJ Randolph, CE Fadul, LH Kasper, KA Ryan, TW McAllister, AJ Saykin

P28. Neural substrates of emotional habituation: a PET study. N Hatta, Y Masaki, D Talant, A Ogino, N Miyoshi, H Tokunaga, H Kazui, Y Ikejiri, T Uema, T Nishikawa, N Oku, M Takeda

P29. Acquired brain injury: amount of tissue loss, not etiology, alters cognitive and emotional function. RO Hopkins, D Tate, ED Bigler

P30. A case with a transient lesion in the splenium of the corpus callosum caused by antiepileptic drug. H Narita, T Odawara, C Kawanishi, I Kishida, E Iseki, K Kosaka

P31. An fMRI study of brain activation during implicit learning in obsessive-compulsive disorder. RM Roth, AJ Saykin, HA Wishart, LA Flashman, J Ward, AC Mamourian

P32. Functional neuroanatomy of obsessive-compulsive hoarding. S Saxena, K Maidment, EC Smith, N Zohrabi, ML Ho, AL Brody, LR Baxter, Jr.

P33. Relationship of decreased gray matter volume to verbal learning and subjective memory complaints in healthy older adults and patients with mild cognitive impairment. AJ Saykin, HA Wishart, R Santulli, LA Flashman, LA Rabin, TL McHugh, JS Ramirez, AC Mamourian

P34. Gray matter volume predicts age-related alterations in brain fMRI activation pattern during working memory. HA Wishart, AJ Saykin, BC McDonald, LA Flashman, R Santulli, TL McHugh, KR Schuschu, LA Rabin, AC Mamourian

P35. PET images of emotionally valenced episodic memory. M Yoshihiro, N Hatta, D Talant, A Ogino, N Miyoshi, H Tokunaga, H Kazui, Y lkejiri, T Uema, T Nishikawa, N Oku, M Takeda



P36. Longitudinal association between Clinical Dementia Rating and Geriatric Depression Scale scores in mildly cognitively impaired elderly subjects. CE Bromberg, KL Dahlman, W Hirst, J Schmeldler, DB Marin

P37. Alternate-form reliability of five alternate forms for five neuropsychological tests. PS Fastenau

P38. Is the cognitive impairment in isolated subtentorial stroke primarily state dependent? M Hoffmann, F Schmitt, T Carnaby, M Mattingly

P39. High scores on the cognitive difficulties scale reflect neuropsychological performance in HIV-1 infection. D Lee, P Suarez, FL Wilkie, M Concha, S Symes, R Molina, K Goodkin

P40. Huntington's disease and comorbid cocaine abuse: a case study. S Mascoop

P41. Double dissociation of reading routes in focal dementing syndromes. MF Mendez

P42. Anomia in nonfluent primary progressive aphasia. MF Mendez, DG Clark

P43. Semantic dementia in two multilingual patients. MF Mendez, S Saghafi, DG Clark

P44. Directed forgetting effect in obsessive-compulsive disorder. M Hayashi, M Mimura*, K Shishikura, K Kamijia

P45. Measurement of attention in children by use of the NEPSY. JR O'Jile, CE Davis, C Simpson, D Elkin, J Rhudy

P46. Mixed handedness and cognitive abilities in boys. PSB Sarma

P47. Neuropsychological functioning in breast cancer patients prior to systemic therapy in comparison to published norms. A Stewart, B Collins, C Bielajew, E Tomiak

P49. Neural basis for writing familiar and novel letters: a PET study. H Tokunaga, T Nishikawa, Y Ikejiri, H Kazui, N Oku, M Takeda

P50. Relationship of cognitive functioning to antiretroviral medication adherence in HIV-1 infection. FL Wilkie, K Goodkin, M Concha, S Symes, D Lee, P Suarez, R Molina



P51. Severe, refractory depression and the development of a buccofacial movement disorder in a patient with vascular dementia secondary to polycythemia vera: a case study. CL Bishop, HJ Westervelt, RA Stern

P52. A case of apparent progressive cognitive decline in an older woman with multiple treated endocrinopathies: importance of considering endocrine status in diagnosing dementia. JD Davis, RA Stern

P53. The determinants of subjective quality of life in patients with Huntington's disease. JD Duffy, E Doherty, S Bullard, MJ Fitzpatrick, B Hennig, AW Deckel, S Spencer

P54. The neurobehavioral characteristics of patients with early and mid-stage Huntington's disease. S Spencer, JD Duffy*, S Bullard, E Doherty, MJ Fitzpatrick, B Hennig, AW Deckel

P55. Prevalence of depression and anxiety in early and mid-stage Huntington's disease. S Bullard, E Doherty, JD Duffy*, B Hennig, MJ Fitzpatrick, AW Deckle

P56. Relationship between cerebral atrophy and informant-based ratings of dementia participants in the Cache County study. MA Fearing, ED Bigler, KD Garrett, J Tschanz, KA Welsh-Bohmer

P57. Reduction by olanzapine of occupational disruptiveness among caregivers of patients with Alzheimer's dementia. PD Feldman, JS Kennedy, CA Young, DL Kadam, WR Earley, A Breier

P58. Behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia and ECD-SPECT findings in patients with vascular dementia. H Hashimoto, J Kawabe, T Kai, S Higashiyama, H Mori, S Shiomi, N Kiriike

P59. Performance of Spanish- and English-speaking normal control subjects on the Mattis Dementia Rating Scale. I Hernandez, SA Lyness, EL Teng, HC Chui; presenter: S Padilla

P60. Alteration of regional cerebral glucose metabolism with delusional misidentification syndrome in Alzheimer's disease. Y Ikejiri, M Hashimoto, E Mori, K Ishii, N Hirono, T Nishikawa, M Takeda

P61. The concentrations of serum dehydroepiandrosterone, dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate, and cortisol in Japanese sporadic Alzheimer's disease. T Ishizuka, S Higashi, H Baba, K Eto, H Arai

P62. Clinicopathological and neurochemical study of two subtypes of Pick's disease in Japan. T Odawara, E Iseki, K Shiozaki, T Aral, K Kosaka

P63. Donepezil provides significant benefits in patients with vascular dementia. CA Perdomo, RD Pratt, donepezil 307 and 308 VaD Study groups

P64. A double-blind study of thyroxine in the treatment of Alzheimer's dementia. RA Stern, JD Davis, BL Rogers, KM Smith, CJ Harrington, BR Ott, AJ Prange Jr.

P65. Thyroid hormone concentrations in prefrontal cortex of postmortem brains of Alzheimer's disease patients and control subjects. A Podolanczuk, JD Davis, E Stopa, JV Hennessey, L-G Luo, Y-P Lim, RA Stern

P66. A meta-analysis of neuropsychologic, neuroanatomic, and APOE genotype changes in preclinical Alzheimer's disease. KK Zakzanis, MI Boulos

P67. Cognitive and MRI findings in an autopsy-confirmed case of Pick's disease nine years prior to death. RF Zec, M Ghobrial, Z Wang, T Ala, GY Pyo, R Elble



P68. Practice effects of serial neuropsychological testing in patients with schizophrenia and healthy volunteers. S Ahmed, L Beglinger, O Tangphao-Daniels, M Derby, E Siemers, DA Kareken

P69. Quantitative analysis of nitric oxide synthase and guanilate cyclase in schizophrenia brain. H Baba, H Arai

P70. Late postnatal sprouting of amygdalocortical projections targeting the GABAergic interneuron. MG Cunningham, S Bhattacharyya, FM Benes

P71. Apathy and neuropsychological functioning in schizophrenia. LA Flashman, RM Roth, AJ Saykin, T McAllister, R Vidaver

P72. Neurocognition and long-term prediction of quality of life in schizophrenia. DE Fujii, AM Wylie, J Nathan

P73. Diminished flexibility of central nervous system in never-medicated schizophrenia: EEG analysis during intermittent photic stimulation. M Kikuchi, Y Koshino

P74. Global CAG repeat profiles in psychiatric patients with and without tardive dyskinesia: a pilot study. P Lowrimore, Y-H Wang, A Epstein, D Mulvehill, M McCormack

P75. A comparative profile analysis of neuropsychological functioning in schizotypal personality disorder and schizophrenia. M Matsui, T Sumiyoshi, K Kato, E Y, M Kurachi

P76. Reduced EEG coherence during photic stimulation in paranoid schizophrenia with acute exacerbation: longitudinal stability and relationship to symptom change. T Nagasawa, M Kikuchi, T Takeda, T Oka, M Kitamura, N Hirao, M Higashima, Y Koshino


Traumatic Brain Injury

P78. Cholinesterase inhibition after discrete basal forebrain injury. JC Adair

P79. Apolipoprotein E4 in association with persistent neurophysiologic impairment after mild traumatic brain injury. DB Arciniegas, JL Topkoff, CM Filley, LE Adler, CA Anderson, KA Ricketts, EB Spector

P80. Clinical rating of cortical atrophy and cognitive correlates following traumatic brain injury. AG Bergeson, R Lundin, RB Parkinson, DF Tate, J Victoroff, RO Hopkins, ED Bigler*

P81. Neuropsychological, psychiatric, and demographic factors relate to postconcussion symptom reporting after traumatic brain injury. KS Comins, LM Ryan, MB Sparling, DL Warden

P82. The combination of dopamine agonists and mood stabilizers in traumatic brain injury. Z Chemali

P83. Characteristics of a group of military traumatic brain injury patients with somatoform symptoms. LM French, LM Ryan, D Warden

P84. A comparison of neuropsychological functioning in psychotic disorder following traumatic brain injury, traumatic brain injury without psychosis, and schizophrenia. DE Fujii, I Ahmed

P85. MMSE scores among traumatic brain injury patients admitted for acute rehabilitation. BD Jordan, K Ortega-Verdejo

P86. Differential activation of working memory-associated frontal cortex using a dopamine agonist after mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI). TW McAllister, LA Flashman, PK Shaw, RB Ferrell, HA Wishart, BC McDonald, AC Mamourian, JS Ramirez, AJ Saykin

P87. Prediction of return to work after treated mild traumatic brain injury. CE Paniak, G Toller-Lobe, J Nagy

P88. The relationship of apathy to executive functioning and frontal lobe lesions in TBI. LM Ryan, TD Maryniak, MB Sparling, KS Comins, J Smirniotopolis, DL Warden

P89. Remote evaluation of postconcussion symptoms utilizing telemedicine technology. MB Sparling, KS Comins, LM Ryan, RJ Labutta, DL Warden

P90. Use of the Modified 2×3 Test to assess executive functioning in traumatic brain injury. MA Struchen, L Rosas

P91. Phenomenology and course of stress-related symptoms one month and one year after mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI). KS Tanev, LA Flashman, AJ Saykin, TW McAllister

P92. Pathological laughing and crying following traumatic brain injury. A Tateno, RE Jorge, RG Robinson

P93. Clinical characteristics of posttraumatic stress disorder after traumatic brain injury. A Tateno, RE Jorge, RG Robinson

P94. Association of PTSD with comorbid psychiatric disorders and outcome after traumatic brain injury. DL Warden, MB Sparling, LM Ryan, E Moy-Martin


Other Topics

P95. Comparison of psychiatric symptoms in patients with hepatitis C, human immunodeficiency virus, and co-infection. RC Hilsabeck, MD Carlson, EA Ziegler, DL Oliver, C Mathews, TI Hassanein, W Perry

P96. Effects of nutrients on enhanced rebound hyperphagia induced by maternal separation and/or space restriction stress. S Iwasaki, K Inoue, K Hikiji, K Ichihara, A Nakada, T Muramatsu, N Kiriike

P97. Diminished flexibility of central nervous system in never-medicated panic disorder: quantitative EEG analysis. T Kidani, M Kikuchi, R Komuro, H Oka, A Hanaoka, Y Koshino

P98. Greater homozygosity on the Huntington's disease gene in persons with tardive dyskinesia. P Lowrimore, Y-H Wang, A Epstein, D Mulvehill, M McCormack

P99. Brain activation patterns in frontal and temporal memory circuitry following temporal lobe resection for intractable epilepsy: an fMRI study. BC McDonald, AJ Saykin, BC Jobst, PD Williamson, DW Roberts, VM Thadani, JD Schoenfeld, HA Wishart, LA Flashman, TW McAllister

P100. Beneficial effects of quetiapine treatment in patients with fibromyalgia. M Shemo, JPD Shemo, M Anderson

P101. Reversal of the ERP old/new effect during word recognition in a patient with amnesia. MI Boulos, KK Zakzanis*, AA Ashamalla




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