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Overview of Poster Sessions
The Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences 2006;18:252-255.
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Basic Neuroscience

  • Modulation of Corticolimbic Function Through Engraftment of a Monoaminergic Cell Line. Rachael A. Donalds, Dong-Wook Kim, Caroline M. Connor, Susan Andersen, Lee Napierata, William Calezon, Kwang-Soo Kim, Miles G. Cunningham.

  • Intravenous Levodopa Administration in Humans Based on a Tracer Kinetic Model. Mollie R. Gordon, Joanne Markham, Johanna M. Hartlein, Jonathen M. Koller, Susan Loftin, Kevin J. Black.

  • A Randomized Control Trial of Levodopa for Treatment of Tics Mollie R. Gordon, Joanne Markham, Johanna M. Hartlein, Jonathen M. Koller, Susan Loftin, Kevin J. Black.

  • Protective Effect of Quercetine and Curcumin, Against Colchicine-Induced Cognitive Impairment and Oxidative Stress In Rats Anil Kumar, N. Seghal, P.S. Naidu.



  • Epileptic Dementia: Cognitive Impairment Associated With Subclinical Epileptiform Dischanges Eliot A. Licht, Aaron McMurtray, Ronald E. Saul, Denson G. Fujikawa.

  • Withdrawn

  • Musical Hallucinations Following Temporal Lobectomy Vanessa G. Williams, Andrew Blum, Geoffrey Tremont.

  • Psychopathology Frequency and Severity Among Patients With Refractory Epilepsy. Mariana Espinola, Mario Lopez-Gomez, Ana Luisa Sosa-Ortiz, Alma Rosa Martinez. General Clinical Neuropsychiatry


General Clinical Neuropsychiatry

  • Delirium in the Neurosurgical Postoperative. Irvin Gil-Palafox, Mario Lopez-Gomez, Jesus Ramirez-Bermudez, Ricardo Colin-Piana.

  • Long-Term Neurobehavioral and Functional Outcome Following Neuroinvasive West Nile Virus Infection. David B. Arciniegas, Kimberly L. Frey, Donald C. Rojas, Elizabeth Kozora, Deborah M. Hall, C. Alan Anderson.

  • Withdrawn

  • HIV Associated Cognitive Impairment - A Pilot Project to Evaluate and Improve Diagnosis in a University Infectious Disease Clinic. Kristin M. Brousseau, Sam MaWhinney, Christopher M. Filley, Elizabeth Connick.

  • Against All Odds: Establishing a Neuropsychiatry Practice in Lebanon. Zeina N. Chemali, Lama M. Chahine.

  • Hallucinosis of Uncertain Etiology. Michael K. Eleff.

  • Varied Presentation of Catatonia in Neuropsychiatric Patients. Richard B. Ferrell, Thomas W. McAllister.

  • Withdrawn

  • First, Do No Harm: Predicting a ‘No Medication’ Response. Daniel A. Hoffman.

  • Comparative Sensitivity of Three Versions of the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale in a Clinical Trial Setting. Joseph P. Horrigan, Donna S. Wightman, Alok Krishen.

  • The Association of Insomnia With Non-Medical Sedative Use Disorder. Boji Huang, Deborah A. Dawson, Patricia Chou, Frederick F. Stinson, Roger P. Pickering, Bridget F. Grant.

  • A Potentially SSRI-Induced Case of Call-Fleming Syndrome. Elham Jafarimojarrad, Jeffrey L. Nelson.

  • Cognition in Euthymic Bipolar Disorder Patients: Neuropsychological and Neuroimaging Correlates. Haesue Florence Kim, Lauren B. Marangell, David Trotter, Elizabeth Wilde, Janelle Haider, Jill Hunter, Stuart C. Yudofsky, Harvey Levin.

  • Pathological Gambling Associated With a Dopamine Agonist in Restless Legs Syndrome. Jacques-André Godbout, Paul Lespérance.

  • Affective Cognitive Syndrome in Cerebellar Vascular Disease. Elmer G. Lopez-Mesza, Jesue Ramirez Bermudez, Antonio Arauz-Gongora, Erika Aguilar, Ana Luisa Sosa, Teresa Corona.

  • The Effect of Antidepressant Treatment on Executive Function Following Stroke: A Two Year Longitudinal Study. Kenji Narushima, Sergio Paradiso, David J. Moser, Ricardo Jorge, Robert G. Robinson.

  • Mirtazapine Improves Sleep in SSRI Treated Depressed Patients With Insomnia. A Randomized Controlled Trial Keiko A. Prospero-Garcia, Javier Velazquez-Moctezuma, Yoaly Arana-Lechuga, Guadal

  • Restless-Legs Syndrome Induced by Mirtazapine. Report of Three Cases. Keiko A. Prospero-Garcia, Javier Velazquez-Moctezuma, Yoaly Arana-Lechuga, Guadalupe Teran-Perez, Antonio Torres-Ruiz, Jesus Ramirez-Bermudez.upe Teran-Perez, Antonio Torres-Ruiz, Jesús Ramirez-Bermudez.

  • Personality Disorder Symptomatology and Neuropsychological Function in a Sample of Patients With Closed Head Injury. Anthony Charles Ruocco, Thomas Swirsky-Sacchetti.

  • Treatment of Cluster Headache With Psilocybin and LSD: 53 Cases. R. Andrew Sewell, John H. Halpern.

  • Excessive Variability of Reaction Time to Auditory vs Visual Stimuli in a Subgroup of Learning Disabled Subjects. Stephen W. Koelemay, Nicholas T. Smith, Jan Botwinick, Kytja K.S. Voeller.



  • A Novel Brain-Plasticity-Based Training Program Enhances Memory In Community Dwelling Elderly. Laila Spina, Natasha Belfor, Omar Ahsanuddin, Bonnie Connor, Jed Appelman, Nicholas Joyce, Sharona Atkins, Daniel Tinker, Richard Wood, Joseph Hardy, Henry Mahncke, Michael Merzenich.

  • The Long-term Effects of Psycho-stimulants on ADHD Children’s Cognitive Functioning. Paul William Cates, Kirk Cates, David Woodhouse.

  • Differential Performance of Individuals With Anxiety Disorders and Normal Individuals Using a Standardized Sensory-Motor ApproachF. Andrew S. Davis, Brad W. Estes, Javan L. Horwitz, Raymond S. Dean.

  • Post-Operative Receptive and Expressive Language Loss Following Tumor Resection: A Preliminary Report. Andrew S. Davis, Bryan Hudson, Stephanie R. Peabody.

  • Predicting Acute Post-Operative Recovery of Language Functions With a Pre-Surgical Comprehensive Neuropsychological Battery: A Preliminary Report. Andrew S. Davis, Bryan Hudson, Stephanie R. Peabody.

  • Post-Operative Cognitive Decline Following Tumor Resection: A Comparison of Crystallized versus Fluid Processing. Andrew S. Davis, Bryan Hudson, Stephanie R. Peabody.

  • Predicting Cognitive Processing Abilities Using Construction Tasks With Children With ADHD. Andrew S. Davis, Javan L. Horwitz, Bradley W. Estes, Raymond S. Dean.

  • Diagnostic Classification of Cognitive Disorder: A Comparative Study Using Standard Age-Corrected vs. Age & Education-Corrected Indices from the Repeatable Battery for the Assessment of Neuropsychological Status (RBANS). Michael L. Drexler, Elizabeth Sutherland, Kimberly McCoy, Katie Tobin.

  • A Longitudinal Investigation of Neuropsychological Sequelae in Blood or Marrow Transplantation. J. Aubrey Duquin, James P. Donnelly, Kerry Z. Donnelly, Jennifer S. Kleiner, Benson Hoffman, Jessica Englert, Michael A. Zevon, Philip McCarthy.

  • Isolated Right Temporal Lobe Stroke Patients Present With Geschwind Gastaut Syndrome. Frontal Network Syndrome and Delusional Misidentification Syndromes Michael W. Hoffmann, Ali Malek.

  • Problem Solving in Individuals With Partial Callosal Agenesis. Christine H. Kang, Lynn K. Paul, Joy E. DeJong, Denise R. Wallace, Warren S. Brown.

  • Withdrawn

  • Withdrawn

  • A Potential Test to Identify Vulnerability to Coercion in Early Alzheimer’s Disease. Evan D. Murray, Ronald Schouten, Edith F. Kaplan, Bruce H. Price.

  • Consistency in Malingering Detection Among Compensation Seeking Patients. Kjetil Sundet.

  • Somatization and Malingering of Cognitive Deficit in Twelve Medicolegal Cases of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Tara L. Victor, Kyle B. Boone, Andy Dean.

  • A Case of Mental Retardation and Malingering. Tara L. Victor, Kyle B. Boone.

  • An Examination of the Relationship Between IQ and Effort Test Performance. Tara L. Victor, Kyle B. Boone.

  • The Effects of Different EEG Biofeedback Protocols on Attention Networks in the Two Hemispheres of Learning Disabled Young Adults. Eran Zaidel, Anat Barnea, Anat Rassis, Kristin Herzberg, Amir Raz, Yael Meltzer.



  • Characterization of a Large Kindred With Frontotemporal Dementia That Affects Males and Female Differently. Katherine A. Coerver, Diane M. Mosnik, Pamela McMurray, Pragna Patel, Paul Schulz, George M. Ringholz.

  • Early and Late Onset Alzheimer’s Disease Patients Differ in Presenting Clinical Characteristics. Eliot A. Licht, Aaron M. McMurtray, Ronald E. Saul, Mario F. Mendez.

  • Presence of Leukoariosis Affects Cognitive Performance After Lacunar Stroke. Aaron M. McMurtray, Eliot Licht, Ronald E. Saul, Mario F. Mendez.

  • The Social Dysfunction Scale in Patients With Frontotemporal Dementia. Mario F. Mendez, Aaron M. McMurtray, Eliot Licht, Ronald E. Saul.

  • Withdrawn

  • The Emotional Blunting Scale in Patients With Frontotemporal Dementia. Mario F. Mendez, Aaron M. McMurtray, Eliot Licht, Ronald E. Saul.

  • Implicit Learning and Depression in Mild Cognitive Impairment. Selam Negash, Yonas E. Geda, Lindsay E. Petersen, David S. Knopman, Bradley F. Boeve, Glenn E. Smith, Robert J. Ivnick, Darlene V. Howard, James H. Howard, Jr., Ronald C. Petersen.



  • Cerebral Activation in Response to Negative and Positive Emotionally Valenced Images in Neurosurgical Patients using fMRI. Erika Aguilar, Sergio Gomez Llata, María De Iturbe, Ulíses García, Karla Becerril, Priscila Rojas, Perla Salgado, Ana Luisa Sosa, Enrique Velázquez, Erick Pasaye.

  • Anatomical Correlates of Executive Functioning in Parkinson’Disease: An fMRI Study of Planning Ability. Karen E. Anderson, Roger Mullins, Henry H. Holcomb, Malle Tagamets, Paul S. Fishman, Stephen G. Reich, Lisa M. Shulman, W. J. Weiner.

  • Structural Neuroimaging Correlates of Cognitive Impairment in HIV/AIDS. James T. Becker, Shannon B. Juengst, Howard J. Aizenstein, Donna Marteneck, Oscar L. Lopez.

  • Evaluation of Therapeutic Response to Donepezil by FDG-PET. Hiroshi Hashimoto, Kawabe Joji, Kai Toshihiro, Higashiyama Shigeaki, Akiyama Hisanori, Inoue Koki, Shiomi Susumu, Kiriike Nobuo.

  • 3DSRT Evaluation of Responses of Alzheimer Type Dementia to Donepezil Hydrochloride Therapy. Shigeaki Higashiyama, Joji Kawabe, Hiroshi Hashimoto, Hisanori Akiyama, Kenji Torii, Etsushi Kawamura, Koki Inoue, Susumu Shiomi, Yuichi Inoue.

  • Sub-regions of the Human Anterior Cingulate Cortex and Alexithymia. Andria M. Jones, Sergio Paradiso, Jess Fiedorowicz, Ricardo Jorge, Robert G. Robinson.

  • Enlarged Right Superior Temporal Gyrus in Youth With Autism. Roger J. Jou, Antonio Y. Hardan, Matthew Vitale, Nancy J. Minshew.

  • Evaluating the Possibility of Estimating Therapeutic Response to Donepezil in Patients With DAT Using eZIS. Joji Kawabe, Higashiyama Shigeaki, Hashimoto Hiroshi, Hisanori Akiyama, Torii Kenji, Kawamura Etsushi, Inoue Kouki, Shiomi Susumu.

  • Effect of the D2/D3 Receptor Agonist Pramipexole on Cerebral Metabolism in Bipolar II Depression. Linda Mah, Carlos A. Zarate, Yu-Fei Duan, Allison C. Nugent, J. A. Quiroz, J. B. Singh, Husseini K. Manji, Wayne C. Drevets.

  • Withdrawn

  • Brain Metabolic Abnormalities in Tourette Syndrome: A Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Imaging Study. Rob Nicolson, Timothy J. DeVito, Peter C. Williamson, Nagalingam Rajakumar, WIlliam Pavlosky, Richard W. Neufeld, Dick J. Drost.

  • Amygdalar-Cortical Functional Connectivity During Estrogen Infusion: Relevance to the Visuospatial Attnetion Network. William E. Ottowitz, David Derro, Darin D. Dougherty, Alan Fischman, Janet Hall.

  • High Resolution Brain SPECT in the Evaluation and Management of Children & Adolescents With Coexisting Neuropsychiatric Conditions. Dan G. Pavel, Steven R. Devore Best, Jerry J. Rodos, Leonard F. Koziol, Paul Cates, Georgia Davis, Yu-Ching Chang, Irina Craita.

  • Influence of Diazepam on Clinically Designed fMRI. Birgitta A. Soderfeldt, Mattias Ragnehed, Iréne Hakansson, Peter Lundberg, Maritha Nilsson, Johan Ahlner, Maria Engstrom.

  • Structural and Functional Neuroimaging Methods in the Diagnosis of Dementias. A Retrospective Chart and Brain Imaging Review Kaloyan S. Tanev, Marylin Sablosky, John Vento, Donal O’Hanlon.



  • Withdrawn

  • Insulin Resistance is Associated With a Better Psychopathology Profile in Non-Diabetic Schizophrenia Patients. Xiaoduo Fan, Emily Y. Liu, Cynthia Pristach, Donald C. Goff, David C. Henderson.

  • Neural Correlates of Self-Evaluation in Individuals With Schizophrenia. Laura A. Flashman, Robert M. Roth, Thomas W. McAllister, Nancy S. Koven, Jo Cara Pendergrass, John J. Randolph, Robert M. Vidaver, Andrew J. Saykin.


Pediatric Neuropsychiatry and Neuropsychology

  • Impulsivity in Tourette Syndrome is Associated With Premature Responses in Fast-Paced Detection. Francois Richer, Marc Thibault, Marie-Josée Chouinard, Sylvain Chouinard, Guy Rouleau, Paul Lespérance.

  • Open-label Flexible Dosing 8-Week Trial of Aripiprazole in Tourette Syndrome Children/Adolescents/Young Adults. Drake D. Duane, Glenn Heimburger, Shelley Flecky, Joseph Flutie, Ryan Owen.

  • Arousal Instability in Tourette Syndrome. Paul Lespérance, Manon Robert, Monique Desjardins, Emilia Sforza, Francois Richer.

  • Symptom Profiles and Treatment Characteristics of Children With Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities and Comorbid Bipolar Spectrum Disorder. Jay A. Salpekar, Wright Doss, Joan A. Conry, Peter T. Daniolos, William D. Gaillard, Paramjit T. Joshi.

  • Behavior in Children With a Chronic Illness: A Descriptive Study of Child Characteristics, Family Adjustment, Peer Relations, and School Issues in Children With Cystinosis. Amy M. Spilkin, Angela O. Ballantyne.

  • Late Onset Psychosis in Survivors of Pediatric Central Nervous System Malignancies. Susan Beckwitt Turkel, David Tishler, Jane Tavare.

  • Youth With Impulsive Aggression: Anticonvulsant Medication Compliance and Outcome. Reagan R. Wetherill, Glenda Kroll, Larry Fisher, Dan Matthews.


Traumatic Brain Injury

  • A Longitudinal Case Study Addressing the Neurodevelopmental Outcome of a Child Diagnosed With Perinatal Asphyxia. Thomas G. Burns, Ashley N. Van Winkle, William G. Hamilton.

  • A Comparison of Executive Function and Memory in Adolescents Diagnosed With Traumatic Brain Injury. Thomas G. Burns, David Baker, Ashley N. Van Winkle, Susan M. Rumble, William G. Hamilton.

  • Treatment of Intractable Hiccups Following Recent Severe Traumatic Brain Injury With Olanzapine. Benjamin S. Alderfer, David B. Arciniegas.

  • Impairments of Frontally-Mediated Cognition Characterize Posttraumatic Encephalopathy Following Resolution of Posttraumatic Amnesia. David B. Arciniegas, Kimberly Frey, Benjamin Alderfer, Donald C. Rojas, C. Alan Anderson, Christopher M. Filley.

  • Long term Effects of Rivastigmine in Patients With Traumatic Brain Injury With Cognitive Deficits: Results of a 26 Week Open-Label Extension to a 12 Week Double-Blind Study. Jonathan Silver, Barbara Koumaras, Michael Chen, Ibrahim Gunay.

  • Anatomic Correlates of Alexithymia in Patients Following Traumatic Brain Injury. Jess G. Fiedorowicz, Ricardo E. Jorge, Sergio Paradisio, Robert G. Robinson.

  • Comparison of the GOAT and O-Log as Measures of Posttraumatic Amnesia. Kimberly L. Frey, Donald C. Rojas, David B. Arciniegas.

  • Personality as a Predictor of Depression and Post-Concussion Syndrome After Mild-to-Moderate Traumatic Brain Injury. Jon-Emile S. Kenny, Mark Rapoport, Krista Lanctot, Anthony Feinstein, Alex Kiss, Nathan Herrmann.

  • Examination of Family Members’ Quality of Life After Traumatic Brain Injury at One and Two Years Postinjury: A Longitudinal Multi-center Investigation. Lee Livingston, Jeffrey Kreutzer, Jennifer Marwitz, Richard Kennedy, Kelli Williams, Mitchell Rosenthal, Juan Arango, Lisa Rapport, Tamara Bushnik.

  • Reported Neuropsychiatric Symptoms After Traumatic Brain Injury — Issues for Long Term Recovery. Alya Reeve, Elizabeth R. Weil, Teddy L. Warner, Carrie Cole, Garry H. Hallford.

  • Analysis of Predictive Variables on Subtest Performance on the Word Memory Test. James Sisung, Amy Conrad.

  • Lesion Location in Depression Post Traumatic Brain Injury Using Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy: Preliminary Results from a Pilot Study. Vani Rao, Jennifer R. Spiro, Mahaveer Degoankar, Alena Horska, Paul B. Rosenberg, David M. Yousem, Peter B. Barker.

  • A Population-Based Study of Behavior Problems in Persons With Dementia With and Without Traumatic Brain Injury. Jennifer Spiro, Vani Rao, JoAnn Tschanz, Maria Norton, Chris Corcoran, Katie Treiber, Jeannie-Marie Sheppard, Peter V. Rabins, Constantine G. Lyketsos.

  • Functional Neuroanatomical Atlas of TBI: Applications to Blast Related Injuries. Katherine H. Taber, Deborah L. Warden, Robin A. Hurley.

  • Altered Cerebellar Activation in a Verbal Working Memory Task After Mild Traumatic Brain Injury. Eve J. Wolinsky, Brenna C. McDonald, Laura A. Flashman, Andrew J. Saykin, Richard B. Ferrell, Thomas W. McAllister.




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