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Overview of Poster Sessions
The Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences 2007;19:209-212.
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Focal Lesions

  • Functional improvement after stroke: a role for complementary medicine. Theresa D. Hernández, Kristina McFadden, Alicia Segal, Bonnie Ivankovich, Christina Gavito, Shelah Huerta

  • Etiology of frontal network syndromes in isolated subtentorial stroke. Michael Hoffman

  • Functional neuroanatomical atlas of TBI, part 2: applications for neuropsychiatric practice. Robin A. Hurley, Katherine H. Taber

  • Frontal lobe dysfunction from frontal-subcortical circuit disruption: linking clinical deficits and white matter changes on MRI. Eliot Licht

  • Head injury severity correlates with cognitive impairment in recent but not remote traumatic brain injury. Aaron M. McMurtray, Eliot Licht, Tuty Yeo, Ronald E. Saul, Mario F. Mendez

  • Quetiapine for early posttraumatic mania. Timothy J. Oster, Hal S. Wortzel, C. Alan Anderson, Christopher M. Filley, David B. Arciniegas

  • Personality changes after traumatic brain injury within 3 months of injury. Vani Rao, Jennifer Spiro, Kathy Knoll, Michael Makley, Edward Cornwell

  • Depression after traumatic brain injury: prevalence and risk factors. Vani Rao, Jennifer Spiro, Kathy Knoll, Michael Makley, Edward Cornwell, David Schretlen

  • Prevalence and risk factors of apathy after traumatic brain injury. Vani Rao, Jennifer Spiro, Kathy Knoll, Michael Makley, Edward Cornwell

  • Apoptotic changes in the cortex and hippocampus following minimal brain trauma in mice. Shaul Schreiber, Vadim Tashlykov, Yeshayahu Katz, Ofer Zohar, Pick G. Chaim

  • Prevalence of alcohol and illicit drug problems pre- and posttraumatic brain injury. Jennifer Spiro, Kathy Knoll, Michael Makley, Edward Cornwell, Vani Rao

  • Daytime sleepiness after traumatic brain injury. Jennifer Spiro, Kathy Noll, Michael Makley, Edward Cornwell, Vani Rao

  • Evaluation of the suitability of SPECT imaging for use in mild TBI litigation. Hal S. Wortzel, Timothy Oster, Christopher M. Filley, C. Alan Anderson, David B. Arciniegas



  • Cortisol levels co-vary with anterior cingulate cortex rCMR during high dose estrogen: a PET study. William E. Ottowitz, Darin Dougherty, Martin Lindquist, Alan Fischman, Janet E. Hall

  • Rapid change of lateral brain perfusion is highly significantly associated with measures of executive functioning. Daniel Schuepbach, Daniel Hell


Behavioral Disorders

  • Impaired rapid modulation of cerebral hemodynamics during planning in schizophrenia. Daniel Schuepbach, Silvan Weber, Daniel Hell

  • Mindfulness meditation: evidence of decreased rumination as a mechanism of symptom reduction. Jennifer J. Bortz, Jay D. Summers, Teri B. Pipe

  • Cognitive and behavioral consequences of early childhood deprivation: an example of acquired autistic spectrum disorder. Richard B. Ferrell, Peter K. Isquith, Mathew A. Garlinghouse, Laura A. Flashman, Thomas W. McAllister

  • Youth with impulsive aggression: anticonvulsant medication compliance and outcome. William I. Fisher, Glenda Kroll, Dan T. Matthews, Larry Fisher

  • The effect of depression on executive functioning in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Glen E. Getz, Michael D. Franzen

  • The neuroanatomy of pseudobulbar affect. Omar Ghaffar, Laurie Chamelian, Anthony Feinstein

  • Characterization of late- and very-late-onset first psychotic episode. Caroline Girard, Martine Simard

  • An fMRI study of frontal-striatal dysfunction during attention shifting in obsessive-compulsive disorder. Bon-Mi Gu, Ji-Young Park, Seung Jae Lee, Do-Hyung Kang, So Young Yoo, Jong-Min Lee, Jun Soo Kwon

  • Peculiar behavior and cognitive dysfunction in a patient with schizophrenia: Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome in disguise. Colin J. Harrington, Wendy Froehlich

  • Echophenomena in Tourette’s disorder predict emotional empathy and are associated with increased grey matter volume in frontal mirror and parietal default mode neural systems. Neil A. Harrison, Andrea E. Cavanna, Bogdan Draganski, Mary M. Robertson, Richard S. Frackowiak, Hugo D. Critchley

  • Abnormalities in white matter structure in autism spectrum disorders detected by diffusion tensor imaging. Roger J. Jou, Sarah J. Paterson, Andrea P. Jackowski, Marcel Jackowski, Xenophon Papademetris, Nallakandi Rajeevan, Lawrence H. Staib, Robert T. Schultz

  • The differential diagnosis of congenital disorders that include psychosis. Margo Lauterbach, Aimee Stanislawski-Zygaj, Sheldon Benjamin

  • A randomized controlled fixed-dose trial of olanzapine for psychosis in Parkinson’s disease. Michelle J. Nichols, Johanna M. Hartlein, Meredith Albin, Brad A. Racette, Kevin J. Black

  • The visual scanning pattern of human faces: a precise diagnostic instrument in autism. Fernanda Tebexreni Orsati, Elizeu Coutinho Macedo, Salomão José Schwartzman, Tomanik Marcos Mercadante

  • Dissociation of awareness of different components of illness in schizophrenia. Laura A. Flashman, Robert M. Roth, Thomas W. McAllister, Jo Cara Pendergrass, Matthew A. Garlinghouse, Andrew J. Saykin

  • Evaluation of SLITRK1 as a candidate gene for Tourette’s disorder. Jeremiah M. Scharf, Priya Moorjani, Jes Fagerness, Jill Platko, Cornelia Illmann, Brian Galloway, Eric Jenike, David Pauls, Tourette’s Syndrome International Genetics Consortium

  • Neuropsychological correlates of N400 anomalies in patients with schizophrenia. Kyung Soon Shin, Do-Hyung Kang, Young Youn Kim, Myung-Sun Kim, Jun Soo Kwon

  • CYP2D6 metabolizer status and atomoxetine dosing in children and adolescents with ADHD. Paula T. Trzepacz, David W. Williams, Peter D. Feldman, Jennifer W. Witcher, Jan K. Buitelaar

  • The effects of subthalamic deep brain stimulation on pathological gambling in Parkinson disease: a multicenter case series. Valerie Voon, Claire Ardouin, Julia Worbe, Virginie Czernecki, Nehmann Abouazzar, Hussein Hosseini, Antoine Pelissolo, Elena Moro, Eugenie Lhommee, Yves Agid, Alim Benabid, Pierre Pollak, Luc Mallet, Paul Krack


Behavioral Neurology

  • Progression of the posterior fossa syndrome. Susan Beckwitt Turkel, Mark Krieger, Lan Chen, Rima Jubran, Jane Tavare

  • An fMRI study of the neural mechanisms of palinopsia. Martin A. Goldstein, Michael E. Silverman, Annabel K. Wang, Oliver Tuescher

  • Dyskinesia following MDMA abuse. James A. Wilcox



  • Acute embolic stroke masquerading as major depression with psychotic features. Amy S. Aloysi, James Murrough



  • The relationship between depressive symptoms and prefrontal hypoperfusion in patients with dementia of the Alzheimer’s type demonstrated by eZIS. Hisanori Akiyama

  • Bupropion suicidality analysis in adult major depressive disorder clinical trials. Donna S. Wightman, April E. Harriett, Nathalie E. Richard, Joseph P. Horrigan, Jack G. Modell

  • Depression following traumatic brain injury: an open-label study of citalopram. Mark J. Rapoport, Florance Chan, Krista L. Lanctot, Nathan Herrmann, Scott McCullagh, Anthony Feinstein


Neurodegenerative Diseases/Dementias

  • Antipsychotics and motor vehicle collisions in patients with dementia. Mark Rapoport, Frank Molnar, Donald Redelmeier, David Juurlink, Paula Rochon, Nathan Herrmann, Brandon Zagorski, John Morris, Anna Byszewski

  • Sensitivity and specificity of the clinical diagnostic criteria for vascular dementia: a critical review. Sandra Wiederkehr, Martine Simard, Claudette Fortin, Robert Van Reekum

  • Modified Mini Mental State Exam (3MS) as a predictor of follow-up DRS-II total scores in carotid artery stenting. Robert B. Burr, Rodney Raabe, Lynn Dahlstrom, Robert Short

  • Association between features of the insulin resistance syndrome and Alzheimer’s disease. Khalid A. Elnagar, Essam Moussa

  • Very early onset Alzheimer's disease: is genetic testing mandatory?. Christopher M. Filley, Yvonne D. Rollins, C. Alan Anderson, David B. Arciniegas, Katherine L. Howard, Bette K. Kleinschmidt-DeMasters

  • Evaluation of the therapeutic response to donepezil in patients with dementia of the Alzheimer’s type by 3DSRT. Shigeaki Higashiyama, Joji Kawabe, Hiroshi Hashimoto, Hisanori Akiyama, Ethshi Kawamura, Kenji Torii, Koki Inoue, Nobuo Kiriike, Susumu Shiomi, Yuichi Inoue

  • A functional neuroimaging study of appetite loss in Alzheimer’s disease. Zahinoor Ismail, Nathan Herrmann, Lana Rothenburg, Adolpho Cotter, Farrell Leibovitch, Shahryar Rafi-Tari, Krista Lanctot, Sandra Black

  • Differential diagnosis of early-onset dementia. Mario F. Mendez, Eliot A. Licnt, Rochelle Woods, Aaron M. McMurtray, Ron E. Saul

  • Brain SPECT: a useful, practical and cost-effective adjuvant modality for the differential of dementia, with and without comorbidity. Dan G. Pavel, Michael J. Schrift, Ovidio DeLeon, Steven R. Best, Jessica Chang, Irina Craita

  • 2-year longitudinal sensitivity of cognitive measures in pre-diagnosis Huntington's disease in the predict-Huntington’s disease cohort. Julie C. Stout, Sarah Queller, Douglas R. Langbehn, Shannon A. Johnson, Noelle E. Carlozzi, Kevin Duff, Leigh Beglinger, Jane S. Paulsen

  • Dementia, agitation, sleep and visual hallucinations: two case reports and review of the literature. Kaloyan S. Tanev, Donal O’Hanlon, Jonathan Jacobson

  • Evidence-based selection of outcome measures for clinical trials: the Huntington's disease toolkit project. Julie C. Stout, Allison Tomusk, Sarah Queller, Barbara Walker, Jason Dawson, Scott Hastings

  • What frontotemporal dementia reveals about the neurobiological basis of morality. Rochelle J. Woods, Mario F. Mendez

  • Psychotic symptoms in frontotemportal dementia. Rochelle J. Woods, Jill S. Shapira, Eliot A. Licht, Ronald Saul, Mario F. Mendez

  • Profile of idiopathic Parkinson's disease with and without vascular risk factors: results of a clinical database study. Marie-Claude Bédard, Evelyne Matteau, Nicolas Dupré, Martine Simard


Aging, Mild Cognitive Impairment

  • Testosterone depletion and cognitive impairment in elderly men: a relationship with Alzheimer’s disease?. Martine Simard, Séverine Hervouet, Hélène Forget

  • Mild cognitive impairment associated with high levels of affective symptoms. John C. Adair, Janice E. Knoefel

  • Cognitive and functional relevance of white matter integrity in mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease. Alexander P. Auchus, Juebin Huang

  • Apathy and mild cognitive impairment: a population-based study. Yonas E. Geda, Walter A. Rocca, Rosebud Roberts, David S. Knopman, S. Pankratz, Ronald C. Petersen

  • Is the Mattis Dementia Rating Scale (MDRS) sensitive to mild cognitive impairment?. Evelyne Matteau, Leonie Jean, Martine Simard, Yves Turgeon


Multiple Sclerosis

  • Cognitive and behavioral symptoms in multiple sclerosis patients with cortical demyelination. Brendan J. Kelley, Shanu Roemer, Stephen Weigand, Kristine Thomsen, Jayawant Mandrekar, Claudia F. Lucchinetti

  • Multiple sclerosis and depression: a diffusion MRI study. Linda Moradzadeh, Anthony Feinstein, Nancy Lobaugh, Joel Ramirez


Rare Neuropsychiatric Disorders

  • Parent ratings of executive functioning in children with cystinosis. Angela O. Ballantyne, Amy M. Spilkin, Lynne R. Babchuck, Doris A. Trauner

  • Executive functioning in individuals with cystinosis. Amy M. Spilkin, Angela O. Ballantyne, Lynne R. Babchuck, Doris A. Trauner


Infectious Diseases

  • Long-term neuropsychological outcome following neuroinvasive West Nile Virus infection. David B. Arciniegas, Kimberly L. Frey, Elizabeth Kozora, Donald C. Rojas, Deborah A. Hall, C. Alan Anderson

  • Evaluation of cognitive screening to detect early HIV neurocognitive impairment: a pilot project. Kristin M. Brousseau, Samantha MaWhinney, Christopher M. Filley, Elizabeth Connick


Neuropsychological Instruments

  • Detection of HIV neurocognitive impairment: screening vs. practice as usual. Kristin M. Brousseau, Samantha MaWhinney, Christopher M. Filley, Elizabeth Connick

  • Cognitive performance correlates with score on the scale for the assessment and rating of ataxia in spinocerebellar ataxia types 1,2,3, and 6. Aaron M. McMurtray, Eliot Licht, Susan Perlman, Mario F. Mendez

  • A novel scoring method for the intersecting pentagon copying task and its use in autopsy-confirmed Alzheimer's disease. Victoria S. Pelak, Al Anderson, David Arciniegas, Chris Filley


Learning and Memory

  • A case report on the efficacy of errorless vs. errorful learning in a 68-year-old woman with amnestic mild cognitive impairment. Leonie Jean, Marie-Eve Bergeron, Martine Simard

  • Subjective integrity of working memory is related to brain activation during an n-back task in schizophrenia. Robert M. Roth, Laura A. Flashman, Jo Cara Pendergrass, Nancy S. Koven, Matthew A. Garlinghouse, Thomas W. McAllister, Andrew J. Saykin


Behavioral Disorders (continued)

  • Evaluating the affective component of the cerebellar cognitive-affective syndrome. Uri Wolf, Mark Rapoport, Tom A. Schweizer

  • A neuropsychiatric model for religiosity and ritualistic behavior. Vinoth Jagaroo, David L. Maxwell




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