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The Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences 2008;20:232-234.
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Full text of all abstracts presented at the meeting accompanies the online edition of this issue at http://neuro.psychiatryonline.org/content/vol20/issue2/index.dtl#ABSTRACTS. Abstracts should be cited in the following format:

Author name(s): Title of abstract (abstract #), in Abstracts Presented at the 19th Annual Meeting of the American Neuropsychiatric Association. J Neuropsych Clin Neurosci 2008; 20:232—234 (available online at http://neuro.psychiatryonline.org/content/vol20/issue2/index.dtl#ABSTRACTS).

Overview of Poster Sessions

POSTER SESSION, MARCH 3, 2008, 2:45—5:45 P.M.

** Indicates Hot Topics Platform Presentations


Focal Lesions

1. Brain SPECT in Closed Head Injury (CHI): Importance of the Diffuse Abnormal Pattern for Diagnosis and Treatment. Dan Pavel, Steven Best, Jerry Rodos, Shoba Sinha, Yu-Ching Chang

2. Subtle Neurological Signs Predict the Severity of Subacute Posttraumatic Cognitive and Functional Impairments in Traumatic Brain Injury. Hal Wortzel, Kimberly Frey, C. Anderson, David Arciniegas

3. ** Gray Matter Density Correlates with a Measure of Attention One Month after Mild Traumatic Brain Injury. Thomas McAllister, Angeles Cheung, Matthew Garlinghouse, Robert Roth, Heather Wishart, Laura Flashman, Brenna McDonald, Andrew Saykin

5. Prevalence and Types of Sleep Disturbances During the First Three Months After Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Vani Rao, Jennifer Spiro, Kathy Noll, Edward Cornwell, Michael Makley, Pramit Rastogi

6. ** Aggression in the Acute TBI Period. Vani Rao, Jennifer Spiro, Pramit Rastogi, Kathy Noll, Edward Cornwell, Michael Makley, David Schretlen



7. Depression after Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI_Dep): Prevalence & Risk Factors. Vani Rao, Michelle Mielke, Jennifer Spiro, Kathy Noll, Edward Cornwell, Michael Makley

8. Neuroanatomical Correlates of Post-TBI Depression. Vani Rao, Mahaveer Degoankar, Jennifer Spiro, Cynthia Munro, Dzung Pham, Peter Barker, Alena Horska, David Yousem

9. ** Cognitive Burden of Depression in Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. Jennifer Davis, Michael D. McQuiggan, Geoffrey Tremont, Andrew S. Blum, Curt W. LaFrance Jr.,

10. Detecting Depression in Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. Michael McQuiggan, Jennifer Davis, W. Curt LaFrance, Jr., Geoffrey Tremont, Andrew Blum

11. ** Sickness-related Mood Change is Mediated by Inflammation Induced Changes in Subgenual Cingulate Activity and Mesolimbic Connectivity. Neil Harrison, Lena Brydon, Cicely Walker, Marcus Gray, Raymond Dolan, Andrew Steptoe, Hugo Critchley


Behavioral Disorders

12. Hyper-rationality & Behavioral Invariance in Autism. Neil Harrison, Benedetto De Martino, Steven Knafo, Geoff Bird, Hugo Critchley, Raymond Dolan

14. Dopaminergic Modulation of Working Memory in Tourette’s Syndrome. Meghan Campbell, Jon Koller, Elda Shipley, Mary Creech, Tamara Hershey, Kevin J. Black

15. Treatment of Anxiety in Autism Spectrum Disorder — a Naturalistic Retrospective Study. Ayla Reeve, Nae-Hwa Kim, Tony Huaman

16. ** Modeling the Neurodevelopment of Schizophrenia. Miles G. Cunningham, Ryan O’Connor, Paul D. Silveri, Francine M. Benes, Cagri Yuksel, Sydney Wong


Multiple Sclerosis

17. Multiple Sclerosis and Cannabis. A Cognitive and Psychiatric Study. Omar Ghaffar, Anthony Feinstein


Relatively Rare Neuropsychiatric Disorders

18. Paraneoplastic Limbic Encephalitis in Conjunction with Intrathymic Lymphoma. Julia Adler, Bernard Vaccaro

19. Manganese Neurotoxicity, Frontal-Subcortical Circuit and Neuropsychiatric Symptoms. Yonas Geda, Abigail Coy, Candace Perry, Wendy Van voorst, Sheila Jowsey, Thomas Bergquist, J. Eric Ahlskog


Aging, Mild Cognitive Impairment

22. Chromium Supplementation Enhances Cerebral Activation in Older Adults with Early Memory Changes. Robert Krikorian, Tiffany A. Nash, Erin Boespflug, Marcelle Shidler, Jane Allendorfer, James Eliassen


Infectious Disease

23. Pediatric HIV and Neuropsychological Outcomes: The Buffering Effects of Medical Care and Family Environment. Dawn Ilardi, Thomas Burns, Kathleen O’Toole


Neurodegenerative Diseases / Dementias

24. Bipolar Disorders and Dementia: When the Link May Exist But is Not So Obvious. Zeina Chemali, Diler Acar

25. Primary Progressive Non-Fluent Aphasia Subtypes and Associated Parkinsonian Features. Mario F. Mendez, Sarah A. Kremen, Eliot A. Licht, Azar E. Izadian, Jill S. Shapira

26. Social Behavioral Disturbances Among Patients with Frontotemporal Dementia. Mario Mendez, Alan Fiske, Sabrina Pagano, Andrea Mates, Lisa Mikesell, Mathew Gervais, Samuel Torrisi

27. Cognitive Impairment in the Aging HIV-Infected Patient. Kristin Brousseau, Elizabeth Connick, Jennifer J. Kiser, Kathryn Kaye, Lawrence E. Adler, Christopher M. Filley

28. The Value of the Clock Drawing Test in the Evaluation of Alzheimer’s Disease. Katherine L. Howard, Catharine Johnston-Brooks, Lisa A. Brenner, Jeri Harwood, Timothy J. Oster, David B. Arciniegas, Alan C. Anderson, Christopher M. Filley

29. Prevalence of Psychiatric Disorders in Huntington’s Disease. Erik Van Duijn

30. Gender Disparities in Depression and Anxiety in Parkinson’s Disease. Karen Anderson, Ann Gruber-Baldini, Jake Mullins, Paul Fishman, Stephen Reich, William Weiner, Lisa Shulman

31. Parieto-Occipital Compensation in Pre-Symptomatic Huntington’s Disease: An fMRI Study. Julie McEntee, Sarah Reading, Arnold Bakker, Katherine Field, Elizabeth Aylward, Russell Margolis, Adam Rosenblatt, James Pekar, Jason Brandt, Susan Bassett, Christopher Ross

32. Cognitive and Affective Presentations of Sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease: Development of Neuropsychiatric Variants. Brian Appleby, Kristin Appleby, Peter Rabins

33. Exploring Tactile Deficits in Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease Using Standardized Measures of Agraphesthesia and Astereognosis. Andrew Davis, Raymond Dean, Anna Mazur-Mosiewicz, Mei Chang

34. Is Finger Agnosia Present in Patient’s with Alzheimer’s Disease and Can it Predict Functional Deficits? Andrew Davis, Raymond Dean, Jeffreiy Trotter


Neuropsychological Instruments

35. Exploring the Cerebellar Deficit Hypothesis for Reading with Children with ADHD. Andrew Davis, Raymond Dean, Matthew Holcomb, Kent Berry

36. Neurophysiological Factors that Impact on Rapid Color Naming Speed. Kytja Voeller, Alyssa Schlenz, Jill Aloia

37. Victoria Symptom Validity Test Performance in Patients with Intractable Epilepsy. Catherine J. Belzile, Jessica S. Chapin, Richard I. Naugle, Robyn M. Busch

38. ** Orbitofrontal Cortical Volume Mediates Cognitive Flexibility in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Nancy Koven, Robert M. Roth, Madelyn Rubin, Laura Flashman, Andrew Saykin


Behavioral Neurology

39. Functional Imaging and Neuropsychological Findings in PNES: Two Case Studies Suggesting Shared Neuropathology of Conversion Symptoms. Jennifer Bortz, Eli Neiman, Katherine Noe, Michael Roarke

40. Psychosocial Morbidity in Patients with Treatment Refractory Epilepsy Admitted for EEG Telemetry. Kevin Foy, Pauline Devitt, Norman Delanty, David Cotter, Kieran C. Murphy

41. Post Stroke Emotional Intelligence Impairment is Common and Associated with Diverse Lesions. Michael Hoffman, Bronwyn Hoffman


Memory, Learning

42. Verbal and Color Memory in Male and Female Adolescents. Michaela L. Campbell

43. Donezepil for Cognitive Enhancement After Mild Traumatic Brain Injury. John Claude Krusz, Stephanie Hall, John Thomson



44. Memantine is Effective in Treating Mild Cognitive Dysfunction After Traumatic Brain Injury. John Claude Krusz, John Thomson, Stephanie Hall

45. Carbonic-Anhydrase Inhibiting Medications and the Sodium Amobarbital Procedure: A Potential Interaction in Pediatric Patients with Epilepsy. Ashley Pettoni, Thomas Burns, Gregory Lee

46. Catatonia in Persons with Intellectual Disability. Richard Ferrell, Thomas McAllister, Harris Strokoff

47. Forensic Neuropsychiatric Evaluation of Chronic Lead Encephalopathy in Children. Manish Fozdar, Mohan Nair, Robert Granacher

48. The Amygdala and Ventral Striatum in Impulsive Choice: an fMRI Study of a Real Time Delay Discounting Task. Valerie Voon, Christina Brezing, Meliha Skaljic, Vindhya Ekanayake, Cicile Gallea, Raymond Dolan, Marc Potenza, Brady Reynolds, Mark Hallet

49. ** Motor-limbic interactions in conversion disorder. Valerie Voon, Noriaki Hattori, Cecile Gallea, Michiko Bruno, Kenji Kansaku, Mark Hallett

50. AstroGlia: Not Just Glue. Katherine Taber, Robin A. Hurley

51. Benzodiazepines and Driving: A Meta-Analysis. Mark J. Rapoport, Krista L. Lanctot, Nathan Herrmann, Evelyn Vingilis, Michel Bedard, Ayal Schaffer, Brian Murray, Doug Bierness, Kenneth I. Shulman, Zahinoor Ismail, David Streiner




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