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REGULAR ARTICLES  |  July 1, 2014
Association Between Clinical Measures and Florbetapir F18 PET Neuroimaging in Mild or Moderate Alzheimer’s Disease Dementia

The authors conducted a retrospective, cross-sectional analysis comparing baseline neuropsychiatric and other clinical characteristics in 199 expert-diagnosed mild and moderate Alzheimer’s dementia patients participating in industry-sponsored clinical trials of an investigational therapy, where 18% lacked florbetapir positron emission tomography (PET) evidence of Alzheimer’s neuropathology.

REGULAR ARTICLES  |  July 1, 2014
Pallidal Stimulation in Parkinson’s Disease Does Not Induce Apathy

Twenty consecutive parkinsonian patients who underwent bilateral pallidal stimulation were assessed 3 months prior to surgery and at both 3 and 6 months after surgery, using psychiatric, neuropsychological, and motor scales. The main finding was the absence of deterioration in psychiatric and cognitive scores 3 months and 6 months after pallidal stimulation.

Clinical and Research Reports  |  July 1, 2014
Kissing or “Osculation” in Frontotemporal Dementia

The neuropsychiatry of kissing in frontotemporal dementia was investigated. This preliminary report illustrates “social kissing” in behavioral variant frontotemporal dementia and may prompt further investigations into the mechanisms of disturbed kissing behavior in brain disease.

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