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Special Articles  |  April 1, 2014
Systematic Review of Neuroimaging Correlates of Executive Functioning: Converging Evidence From Different Clinical Populations

Executive functioning (EF) is an important cognitive domain that is negatively affected in a number of neuropsychiatric conditions. The authors found that the frontal, parietal, and cerebellar lobes were most frequently associated with EF when comparing results from different clinical populations; the occipital lobe was not correlated with EF in any group.

REGULAR ARTICLES  |  April 1, 2014
Long-Term Neuropsychological Safety of Subgenual Cingulate Gyrus Deep Brain Stimulation for Treatment-Resistant Depression

Deep brain stimulation of the subgenual cingulate gyrus is a promising investigational intervention for treatment-resistant depression (TRD), but long-term outcome data are limited. Serial neuropsychological evaluations, using a comprehensive battery, were conducted on four subjects with TRD prior to surgery, and up to 42 months post-operatively. Reliable change methodology suggested general stability and/or select statistically reliable improvement in cognitive abilities over time.

Clinical and Research Reports  |  April 1, 2014
Psychiatric Manifestations Associated With Mega Cisterna Magna

The Dandy-Walker variant is a milder form of the Dandy-Walker complex and is characterized by normal-sized posterior fossa, mild vermian hypoplasia, and a cystic lesion that communicates with the fourth ventricle. This syndrome has been described in association with schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, manic episode, psychosis (delusional type), and recurrent catatonia.

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